The world is currently in a dire state of turmoil, with numerous crises unfolding back to back which are causing massive ongoing damage both to humankind and the planet.

A4O4A is a collaborative effort between a number of musicians in the European Heavy Metal music scene with the sole intention of raising funds to DONATE to international relief efforts.

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During the writing process for the upcoming ELA album, Russia invaded Ukraine in the largest conventional military invasion since the Second World War.

As a result of this, both the band and their producer (ex- FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Caleb Bingham) unanimously agreed to change direction and write a song dedicated to the memory of all who have suffered and died as a result of the Russia/Ukraine war.

Additionally, the group has recruited a few other musicians to join them on the song who have played in bands such as AVANTASIA, AT VANCE, AXXIS, CRYSTAL VIPER, MYSTIC PROPHECY and PINK CREAM 69 among others…

The group hopes “Fight With Pride” will serve as an anthem for all those who have so bravely struggled and fought to defend against tyranny!

Donations to the International Committee of the Red Cross will help those impacted by war and disaster worldwide.


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